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Why Matrimony profiles are inactive and inaccurate ?

In General Matrimony profiles are active, profile owners are ready to provide details requested as and when required, the real problem is from the matrimony service providers, they use outdated email application to send high sensitive photo request (or) horoscope request ( or) social reference request. This email doesn't alerts about the message received and the profile owner is unaware of this request / message, when the matrimony profile owner makes an incidental login, he / she looks in to the matter, but its almost a week to a month is gone without any intimation. Generally all requests & messages are responded with in few hours but the same scenario takes place. Matrimony providers once again send ineffective email to shoot this response. This  email shooting is totally outdated, it makes the profiles looks as inactive.

It is better to replace email with some other means that can make an instant alert, SMS is a better option even though it needs to lose a part of the revenue, nearly 90% of the SMS messages are read with in 3 minutes as they are received, if your soul partner gets your sensitive message with in 3 minutes - how it will be ? Think about that

All Matrimony search providers don't wish to lose that 10% revenue and they still chew that old bubble gum "email technique" itself. it is in the hands of parents, young brides & grooms to shift their matrimony profile to high speed matrimony service that uses SMS as their primary source of communication.

Each and every day ~ 8000 to 10,000 profiles are uploaded to matrimony portals, 

Email is dead & SMS is live + alert

SMS Matrimony is an advanced matrimony service that uses sms application to send messages, auto requests & alerts instead using emails which won't alert us, even though several matrimony companies started to use SMS to automate their messaging requirements, it is not technically updated as it involves cost to send SMS messages, which will workout around 10% of the matrimony profile upgrade fees collected by these matrimony services, more over they have to shout loud to their existing customers about the new technology incorporated, if it is such, how can they insert this message to new comers, it involves an additional investment to market the updated product which involves additional cost. so they tend to keep silent instead of using SMS. Even then few people search for high speed options to make their partner search with latest technologies, which can help them to get active response.

SMS Matrimony keywords

SMS Material used at sms matrimony is not sms tones or sms jokes or sms love message or sms romance, it is a matrimony that works without vanishing traditional & cultural values of ancient matrimony. it works as an sms friendship development site, you can't send sms ringtones etc, the sms receiver will get auto sms on requests and reminders, you can't send / receive  sms audio, sms downloads, sms reviews etc, we also wont have sms back ups, we won't do sms bombing too. it is an sms collection site, we can simply say it as an smscountry, we are guinine sms casters, we won't do any sms crack, our sms category is transactional sms, and our sms campaign is matrimony only. our portal is an sms call driver that has high sms count, we are top sms corporation / sms corpus as well as sms consultants who provide sms cocktail messages

Matrimony photo request

When ever you get a photo request from opposite member it will be like

Mr.Ratna Vadivel requests you to add your photo, he is

27 Yrs



Accounts Assistant

28000 pm

Wheatish Brown


you will get this SMS request with in 20 milli seconds as soon as it is initiated, details along with this photo request will help you to decide whether you can add your photo or not. this saves the pain of time delay and decission making. this is the major advantage of SMS Matrimony, at the same time if you add your photo snap, the request initiator is instantly intimated by SMS about your action taken, its function is highly interactive like a marriage broker. we call this action as high speed interactive matrimony.

Thanks for your support,

Team SMS Matrimony

Sms matrimony profiles

Many tamil singles are in search of tamil matrimony sites online, even though sms matrimony concentrates mainly on north indian profiles, it has a good quantity of quality tamil singles profiles in search database. We request every one to complete their profile fully including their partner profile expectation. the same thing we say to punjabi singles too...

Sms matrimony to find a life partner

When i started to "find a life partner", i am in search of few best indian matrimonial sites. Initially i registered my matrimony profile with free indian matrimonial websites. I found some selected best matrimonial matches at smsmatrimony.com. This matrimonial website is a best hindu matrimonial site, but it is a best marriage classifieds for chistrian matrimony as well as muslim matrimony. It can also be used to search matrimonial brides and grooms in minor communities like jains, buddihists and parsi people.

Now a days everyone wishes to make a narrow search from a huge database of matrimony profiles to suit their needs, their search is some thing like : Bengali groom working at TCS with decent salary above 40k, some educated  parent make further narrow search like "well educated and well settled naidu groom working as technical lead at SAP with annual take home above 8 lac rupees"

At the same time groom parents also in seek of educated brides, their search is some thing like " Doctor bride with in chennai / with in or around 20 kms of chennai" while few search like "Fair adjustable malayali bride from upper middle class to take care of my parents".

So every one is very specific about their needs, and their searches are narrow. Online matrmony web portals like smsmatrimony works well to their expectation.

Sms matrimonial is an innovative matrimony service

Matrimony service has become one of the best online business now a days. lot of corporate companies as well as innovative entrepreneurs create matrimony web portals as per their idea. sms matrimony is as such a concept that uses SMS << short message service >> application to reduce the pain of time delay in receiving photo requests, horoscope requests, reference requests. it also uses crone jobs along with this sms application to send ""SMS reminders"" every thing takes just a fraction of a second to intimate the profile owner  / partner of the profile. you can also send messages to your soul partner. it is a perfect social matrimony portal that helps brides and grooms.


Sms matrimony is a social matrimony

Sms matrimony is a social matrimony platform that uses sms application to make a social search of brides and grooms. Any paid profile member can send or receive sms messages, sms alerts, sms reminders and sms requests. Sms application is linked via api in such a way that it initiates an sms that have standard matrimony messages stored in our database.

Any profile member can request a social reference from his soul mate, to know more about him / herself, about their family, relationships etc.

In future you  can connect your profiles with social networking sites like facebook.com as well as professional networking portals like linkedin.com, this will build their credibility, more reliable and trustworthy.