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Profile Security Assured

Safety Rules at SMS Matrimony

Safety Rules ::

1)      Can I do my partner search faster, as I am already delayed in my marriage?

Our system is already a fast response one, You can search profiles that match you, however don’t reveal yourself fully to someone who is a stranger.

2)      Can I answer any questions asked by future partner?

Maintain some distance, Keep yourself safe, and don’t reveal any unnecessary details like credit card details or bank account information to others, if someone asks so kindly flag their profile, we will block/ remove their profile immediately.

3)      What do I do if someone asks money?

Never pay to any one especially asking to get visa etc, they are scams, kindly ping the flag in their profile, we will take care of the rest.  Don’t discuss any financial matters with any one in any time.

4)      Where do I meet my future partner?

Meet your partner at public places only, you can meet them at coffee shops etc, keep your parents / guardian / friends, informed about the place and time of meet up before you set up a meeting, it is better to avoid meet them in lonely places, hotel rooms etc.

5)      Why do I involve my family in partner search?

Marriage is a union of 2 families and not an union of 2 members alone. Take all important steps by discussing with them, introduce the prospect to your family, keep your family informed involve them in decision making and be on the safer side.

Privacy :

1. How to protect important details of my profile?

Show your photo/horo/reference to person you believe or wish, protect them with Password,

2. Can I ignore or block profiles.

Paid members only can avail the facilities to block any profile or ignore any profile. It will start its effect from the search result page itself.

3. Can I able to find who viewed my profile and when?

No, we won’t provide such details

4. Can I share my login details with my friends or any other?

No, you must not share your login details with anyone, it is confidential, more over if it goes to wrong hands, it may be used against you. If such people do any hateful activities from your login area, you will be held responsible for that, so it is better not to share login details with anybody.

5. Do I hide my profile?

Yea, if you feel that your profile is not shown to any one for some time ( especially your alliance is just to fix and wait for confirmation ) you can hide for a while and delete your profile afterwards.

6. Can I write my father / mother name in my profile?

No, you have to fill whatever the input needed in the form, unnecessary details like parent, guardian name, their occupation etc  will create unnecessary headaches

7. Can I add my contact details like mobile no, email id in description space?

No, you must not add any contact numbers or mail ids in the description area; you have to add them only where they are asked.


Profile Verification at SMS Matrimony.

(1) Why do I verify my profile?

Verified profiles will have a verification seal on their profile, it appears on the search page and detail page, it shows your seriousness in partner search as well as loyalty.

(2) Do all mobile numbers are verified.

Yea, all mobile numbers are verified and validated; our system primarily uses mobile numbers for instant communication, if you won’t receive any response from a mobile no, kindly contact us, to update their mobile nos.

(3) How do I get my profile verified?

Get your certificates of sslc, hsc, degree duly attested by a gazette officer and upload to us along with your voter id, ration card / passport, driving license etc. a standard single time verification charge of Rs 3000/- is applicable.