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About Us

About SMS Matrimony

I am a single owner of this website, it is developed by my friendly talented developers and designers with fantastic functionality, now i am insearch of fund, mentor & advisory help to build this dream venture in to reality. website is user friendly and highly interactive as it uses SMS.

SMSMatrimony.com is an instant matrimony service, it delivers messages, requests, reminders & alerts at the speed of light using SMS application,

SMSMartimony.com is started as a passion with high degree of creativity and not primarily for money making, mostly all processes use SMS application, paid service is to offered at nominal price, similar to other matrimony portals.

I need suggestions from parents, seniors and individuals to improve its functionality, on behalf of that i added a “Suggestion Box” to get your valuable feedbacks.

My early experience in web is with domain names and owned domain market place too with domain broking. even though i own several domains for creative web projects, it is the first creative project, if i get a little bit motivation i will launch my other ideas in future.